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Descriere Indicaţii Valoarea Nutritivă Recenzii Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that is depleted during strenuous exercise.

  • Own Rival Philosophy Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body.
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In the bodybuilding world, glutamine is synonymous with recovery and immune function. N Acetyl L Glutamine is a form of glutamine that is more stable in water than regular glutamine — making it an ideal glutamine supplement. If you've tried regular L-Glutamine but didn't get the results you wanted, then we'd recommend trying N Acetyl L Glutamine.

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N Acetyl L Glutamine is the acetylated version glutamină fat burning glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid found in skeletal muscle tissue. N Acetyl L Glutamine is more stable in water and metabolically efficient than regular glutamine, making it a preferred option for anyone considering glutamine supplementation.

Informații Despre OstroVit Glutamine - L-glutamină pură L- glutamina este un compus chimic organic din grupul aminoacizilor endogeni. Se caracterizează prin numeroase funcții biologice, ca transportor de azot sau precursor al sintezei de glutation și nucleotide. Este unul dintre substraturile procesului de gluconeogeneză proces metabolic care rezultă în generarea glucozei din anumite surse de substrat carbonic de proveniență non-glucidică.

N Acetyl L Glutamine plays an important role in increasing muscle cell volume, glycogen storage, and GH production, whilst simultaneously supporting immune system function. N Acetyl L Glutamine is an extremely versatile compound with a plethora of research that suggests it is an excellent supplement for all kinds of athletes and trainers; whether you are looking to improve recovery, glutamină fat burning muscle mass or prevent muscle loss.

Descriere Flacon de g 60 de portii L-glutamina este cel mai abundent aminoacid din organism si joaca un rol important in refacerea si dezvoltarea musculara. In perioadele de antrenamente intense, nivelul de L-glutamina din organism poate fi afectat, ceea ce conduce la limitarea sintezei proteice. Glutamina de la BSN nu are aroma si poate fi consumat impreuna cu shake-ul proteic dupa antrenamente.

Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently.

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Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan. Usage Mix 1 scoop approximately 3g with 50ml water, ideally on an empty stomach.

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Take servings daily. Synergists Combining Glutamine with a fast-acting carbohydrate such as Waxy Maize Starch may help shuttle Glutamine to the muscle cells faster. This is ideal for after exercise when your muscles are craving amino acids. Suitable For.

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